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How many pages are to be printed by refilled cartridge?

This is a frequently asked question by our clients who wish their cartridge to work as a new one. Of course, cartridges vary by their parameters. For instance, Q2612A cartridge is expected to print out about 2,000 pages, provided the paper sheet is 5% covered by toner. Cartridge that is refilled many times prints by 5-15% less than a new one. But if the cartridge is dealt properly, this parameters could be sustained for a long time. Therefore this diminishes the costs of any organization.

How often is OPC Drum is to be changed?

This depends on printing intensity and office paper quality. Also it could be, that the kind of a form printed by a specific organization covers A4 paper sheet only by 1% of toner and in this case cartridge (Q2612A for example) could print out more than 4,000-5,000 pages, but OPC drum will wear out until the next refilling, because so many papers rub the drum. Another important factor is how the cartridge is stored. Sun rays, heat, moisture and mechanical damage reduces functionality of a device. Our staff would be glad to make the useful recomendations on this regard.

How can we make sure, that your service proves to be cheaper in effect?

This question is to the exact point that conforms with the prime goal of our company, namely, providing a high quality of service diminishing the costs of client. For this reason we have initiated numeration system: each cartridge gets its own number and in numeric catalog all the information becomes available such as the date and quantity of refilling, changing of the drum or other parts, etc. Our client himself is in position to supervise and control his staff. Of course, if the cartridges are too old or damaged, the costs after refilling and repair may not be low in themseves, but crucial is the time period that elapses after we commence our maintenance procedures. We earned a good reputation about our prompt service from different organization. So we are in a position to offer such a service to your organization. We beleive that you will properly estimate our work for you!